12 Team building activities for youth sports teams

12 Team building activities for youth sports teams



Domestic Internet portal companies such as Naver and Cacao are cruising in the Vietnamese market with sports content.

Cacao has boasted a 10-fold surge in Vietnamese news consumption after installing AI, and Naver is gaining popularity as a global video platform v-live broadcast. A strategy to reach the users by adding technology to the popular soccer content in the local area was a big influence.

According to Cacao on July 7, the number of pageviews (PV) in the news service on the third tab (# tab) of KakaoTalk following the portal on March 26 increased more than 100,000 from the previous week average.

Vietnam ranked second behind the US on the basis of cacao news service imports. Cacao analyzed that the U-23 championship of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) on February 26 was a huge victory for local players as the Vietnamese national team led by Park Hsin-Seo had 4 to 0 of rival Thailand.

Since December last year, the monthly number of page views in Vietnam has skyrocketed to about 2 million. Which is 10 times the monthly average of 200,000 recorded in January ~ October of the same year.

An official of the cacao said, “Generally, most of the traffic from abroad comes from a lot of people living in the US, Japan, China, and Australia.” It is unusual for the number of people in Vietnam to increase from 120,000.

The first game on March 3 topped 324,000 cumulative plays. `Good` 313,000, commented more than 3,000. Naver Sports has been broadcasting exclusive online live broadcasts of K-League 1 Incheon United matches in Vietnam since this month.

Anyone in Vietnam can watch the match free of charge on the `V SPORTS` channel, which is open on V Live. Naver officials said, “V-Live has just expanded its service area with sports content, but it has proven to be encouraging from the start.”

Both companies analyzed that Park was able to acquire local users by integrating not only content but also technology, with Korea’s interest in the K-league promotion of a popular soccer star. Park has emerged as a “national coach” last year and popular football player Nguyen Kongpuong joined Incheon United, raising interest in Korea. you can check here infomation about 스포츠중계 .

Cacao has introduced a Vietnamese translation service called “Kakao i (child) translation” to the news article. Users can simply translate the entire article into English, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Korean by simply pressing the upper-case A-shaped button on the news.

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