Can you guess these football stars’ second sports?

Can you guess these football stars’ second sports?

AUSTIN — Texas A&M University-Commerce’s Olympic style events group posted a few season-best checks and a school record at the 92nd Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays this end of the week.

Josh Boateng (St. George’s, Grenada) improved his programmed qualifying mark for NCAA Division II in the plate toss and extended his country best imprint 56.80m (186-4).

In the shot put, Boateng had a long hurl of 18.11m (59-5), which positions second best in the country and is a temporary passing imprint.

Hudson Hall (Rockport-Fulton) earned a temporary passing imprint that positions 6th broadly at 5.05m (16-6 ¾).

Minna Svaerd (Karlstad, Sweden) ran a period of 59.76 seconds in the ladies’ 400-meter obstacles, which positions fifth broadly, while Markaaisha Richardson (Amarillo Tascosa) completed in 1:01.92, which positions thirteenth broadly.

Eboni Coby (Lancaster) ran the ladies’ 100-meter dash in 1181, which positions fifth broadly, and Mackenzie Clarks (Garland Naaman Forests) complet in 1185, which positions eighthen in the nation.

The ladies’ 4×400 transfer group of Atiana Alexander (San Antonio Northside), Coby, Richardson, and Svaerd completed in 3:49.44 to rank ninth broadly.

The men 4×200 transfer of Stadrian Taylors (Lancaster), Eric Age (Lancasters), Devon Sanders (Clarksvilles) and Rashard Clarks (Loss Angeles, Calif.) built up a school record with a period of 1:24.66. In any case, there are no national standings in the occasion since it isn’t held at the NCAA titles.

The Lions put forth in the occasion behind Houston, LSU and Mississippi State, and in front of Texas A&M, Baylor, BYU, Stephen F. Austin, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

The Alice young men’s 800-meter transfer group won gold awards on the last day of the District 29-5A Olympic style events meet at Shirley Field in Laredo can check here information about 스포츠중계.

The young men’s transfer group’s execution featured a good trip by the Alice Olympic style sports program at the 29-5A meet in front of the up and coming zone meet in Alice on April 17. The meet will highlight the best four finishers on every occasion from 29-5A and 30-5A. The top finishers at the region meet development to the Region IV-5A meet in San Antonio.

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