Gambling in Football: Between Outbreaks or Blessings

Gambling in Football: Between Outbreaks or Blessings


Gambling in football is like two sides of a coin. On the first side, gambling is a cancer that destroys the purity of football. However, on the other hand, gambling also helps the existence of the club.

The existence of gambling houses in the world of soccer is like the word has become a ‘public secret’. The most obvious is their role in sponsoring a club.

For example which is part of Celton Manx Ltd. based on the Isle of Man, one of the areas under the authority of the Kingdom of Great Britain.

SBOBET which was established in 2004 has two operating license bases. In Europe it is held by Isle of Man authorities, while in Asia held by Philippine authorities. In 2008 SBOBET became a sponsor of West Ham United and Cardiff City.

Especially for West Ham, who was left behind by its main sponsor, XL Leisure Group, which is a British tourism service company, in the first quarter of the 2008/2009 season. The Hammersplayers were finally forced to use a jersey with patches on the players’ back numbers because XL no longer sponsored them to collapse.

The good news came on December 6, 2008 when SBOBET wanted to become West Ham’s main sponsor to navigate the rest of the season in the English Premier League . Interestingly until a decade later the Hammers camp was addicted to gambling houses as their main sponsor.

After SBOBET accompanied them, going up and down the caste until the end of the 2012/2013 season, just one and a half seasons for The Hammers signed an agreement with another gambling house as their sponsor, Betway as of February 2015 after the Alpari logo, a stock trading company , was presented in West Ham uniform chest. The collaboration between West Ham and the gambling house from Malta is still established today.

Security and Realness

Depended on betting agents can be acknowledged throughout Indonesia and could have hundreds of lively participants. Fake web sites, however, may have tens of millions of dormant members. They may do the whole lot possible to make you consider that they’re proper however in reality, they are not.Now take a look at how these features of sbobet.

Interacting with the participants in betting web sites will permit you to understand if the website online is in reality true and trustworthy. Checking critiques will also do you masses of true as you will be in a function to know if the agent you are about to join up with is to be relied on.

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