Keeping you in the know with Building Transformation

Keeping you in the know with Building Transformation

We were reached by Mantiowoc Crane Group with respect to the exterior cleaning of their UK Depot, close Buckingham.

The customer enquired about the cleaning of all veneers of the structure estimating 80 mtrs profound, 30 meters wide and 12 meters high – totalling 2640 Square Meters of structure exterior to be cleaned.Introductory Site Survey

We offer every single business customer a free beginning site review, test clean and citation – this was accommodated Mantiwoc Cranes UK.

The site study observed the structure veneers to be dirtied by natural development, general soil, oil and oil alongside a few zones of rust on the cladding.Hazard Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS)

As consistently a total RAMS was made explicitly for the site including dangers, for example, moving vehicles, cranes and walkers alongside potential perils to our own group while dealing with site.

Full PPE is constantly worn by the Cleaned With Care building cleaning groups consistently while on location for our customers and the majority of our work is completed in agreement to HSE guidelines on working at tallness.

RAMS are constantly submitted to our customers for endorsement before works start. Our RAMS were affirmed in the principal case by Mantiwoc Cranes UK who have exacting wellbeing and security arrangements and methodology on location.


Access to the larger amounts of the structure was by means of our 17.75 Meter followed get to stage which is ideal for exploring through restricted typically found around mechanical manufacturing plants and distribution centers. The machine strait to simply 780mm, yet can securely enable our group to arrive at statures of 17.75 meters.

Veneer Cleaning Method’s

This structure is cladded with an aluminum cladding requiring a light antacid compound clean joined with a warm water wash down to expel soil and grime from the exterior of the structure.

Utilizing water sustained posts joined with heated water we can tidy metal cladding up to 60ft high (gave there is sufficient space around the structure)

Our careful chooser is utilized to get us up near the structure as required for completing contacts and anything that necessities closer consideration, for example, rust recoloring (typically from dribbling drains that have rusted the jolts)

The customer needed a clean of every one of the four sides of cladding, windows and stacking ways to improve the visual appearance of the processing plant, guaranteeing guests to the business have an incredible initial introduction!

In the principal example, we completed a full site overview to assess the state of the cladding, access for cleaning and site-explicit wellbeing and security perils.

Our customer mentioned that the structure was not to be weight washed and mentioned a boiling water wash utilizing water nourished shafts and a light obligation more clean. This technique was picked as not to chance any harm to the defensive covering of the cladding and furthermore to limit the danger of any water entrance to the structure.

As an organization, we generally get ready and submit RAMS (hazard evaluation and strategy articulation) to every single business customer. Our customer at HG Timber was content with our RAMS and the works initiated…you can check here infomation about external cleaning.

It is critical to us that our work is finished with negligible to no interruption to our customers everyday business activities. We were effectively ready to do the total outer clean of this structure with no intrusion to the customer’s generation line, approaching vehicle developments, vehicle stacking or to any vehicles leaving the site.

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