Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 13 To Get A New House in Mumbai

The main portion of the year has just flown by and aficionados of the dubious unscripted TV drama Bigg Boss are sitting tight restlessly for Bigg Boss season 13. The well known Salman Khan facilitated unscripted TV drama should go on air before the finish of September this year and a great deal of speculative names of Bigg Boss 13 challengers are springing up from time to time.

While nothing has been affirmed by the creators formally, reports doing the rounds propose that the producers have shortlisted 23 big name names as plausible competitors for Bigg Boss 13. Out of these one name appears to have been affirmed and that is Bollywood on-screen character Chunky Pandey.

A report on TellyChakkar proposes that Chunky Pandey has been affirmed for Bigg Boss 13. According to the report, Chunky Pandey will be seen going into the glass walled house as one of the candidates. The on-screen character happens to be the main affirmed contender of BB 13, despite the fact that neither the producers not simply the entertainer have made anything official.

Like each year, this season as well, the producers have presented some significant changes in the show. While the essential organization of Bigg Boss 13 will stay unblemished, supposedly, the producers have chosen to get rid of the configuration of having average citizens taking part alongside big names, after netizens hammered the last season (Bigg Boss 12) for being very exhausting. So this time, there may be big name members on the show.

Among different changes that are being estimated upon, the real one is the Bigg Boss house set being worked in Goregaon Film City rather than Lonavala. The topic of season 13 is supposed to be Horror while theories are overflowing that this time Salman Khan is wanting to have a female co-have which is probably going to be Katrina Kaif. Watch this space for more updates…

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