Unforgettable Sporting Disasters

The other side of the all the fun stuff is the sickening disillusionment when your wager crashes and burns. Envision that feeling when you’ve staked a couple of million! We’re investigating the absolute most stunning misfortunes in games wagering history. Peruse it and sob (and simply be appreciative it wasn’t you) 메이저사이트!

Vegas Dave’s ‘Cupcake’ Loss

First up is David Oancea, also called Vegas Dave. This unmistakable games bettor is eminent for gloating on his Instagram account about his enormous wagers and much greater successes on long-shot wagers.

Be that as it may, he needed to eat crow in 2016, when he wager $1 million on female MMA champion, Miesha ‘Cupcake’ Tate at the UFC 200. Tate confronted Amanda Nunes in a fight to hold her bantamweight belt. Inside three minutes and 16 seconds of the first round, Tate was overwhelmed by a back stripped stifle, losing the title to Nunes (and losing Vegas Dave a million bucks).

Oancea appeared to take it in his walk however, and posted that he was more worried about Tate’s messed up nose than he was about the cash. Not certain we would be so quiet about losing a cool million, however when you have it to wager, you surely have it to lose.

Michael Jordan Plays an Expensive Hole

The NBA legend is a famous speculator. Indeed, Jordan’s initial retirement is said to have been a mystery suspension because of his betting shenanigans.

It’s not astonishing that he piled on the $1.2 million unpaid liability in any case however…In a tell-all book, ‘Michael and Me: Our Gambling Addiction… My Cry For Help!’ wagering mate Richard Esquinas depicted one episode of Jordan losing $1.2 million to a representative following a 10-day golf and wagering gorge. He evidently figured out how to recover some through play, figuring out how to bring it down to $300,000.

It’s not astonishing that he piled on the $1.2 million unpaid liability in any case however, when he’s known to play a solitary gap for $100,000.

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