What is Reverse logistics

What is Reverse logistics

Generally, logistics is known to be the procedure of transporting merchandise from producers to clients. In an example, of opposite logistics, merchandise move returned from clients to distributors or producers.



For instance, if the purchased product is defective, the purchaser might return the product. This will make the product travel in opposite through the supply chain network to attain the distributor or the producer and it might require the same technique of delivery and warehousing. This is known as as Reverse logistics. Reverse logistics additionally include checking out of the returned product, dismantling, repairing, recycling or doing away with the product. In other words, any process that takes vicinity after the sale of a product, with a view to go back to its factor of origin is known as opposite logistics.

Reverse logistics is not just confined to returning of goods. Reusing, recycling, refurbishing, and remanufacturing sports also are part of opposite logistics. Here are the unique components of opposite logistics:

Eco-friendly aspects – Packaging substances including air pillows, wood pallets, fuel drums, foams, crates, cartons and so forth. Can all be reused for subsequent load of shipment. Hence, reuse of these substances will reduce the burden of waste on this planet.

• Business implication – “The mission for stores and companies is to technique returns at a skillability stage that lets in short, efficient and price-powerful series and the go back of merchandise. Customer requirements facilitate demand for a excessive wellknown of provider that includes accuracy and timeliness. It’s the logistic organization’s duty to shorten the hyperlink from return origination to the time of reselling.” (Wikipedia). It turns into vital for shops to observe a returns management machine to address both operational and client retention problems related to returns of products. In order to maintain or get better the value of a returned product, the products can be despatched lower back to the dealer or manufacturer for re-manufacturing or refurbishing the back cargo.

Return of refused goods – Many e-commerce organizations offers the option of cash on delivery for a purchased product with none ‘no go back’ policy. In such a case, customers may refuse the product on the time of delivery. This will require the logistics service company to observe the manner of reverse logistics on the refused product, and the e-commerce company will add the product back to their stock after a wellknown exceptional take a look at.

Lastly, for a worthwhile and sustainable business, you must treat reverse logistics and ahead logistics with equal importance.

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