Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman Gets On New Mission

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman Gets On New Mission

The Episode begins with Yug gifting bangles to Aaliya. She says its extremely delightful, much appreciated. Mihika comes and says amazing, its extremely lovely. Aaliya says Yug gave me this to me, I will indicate it to everybody. He says no, hear me out. She goes out and indicates bangles to everybody.

Everybody likes and acclaims Yug’s decision. Yug says Aaliya it would be ideal if you its not genuine, yet fake. Aaliya says so what, I got it, it doesn’t make a difference, I m pleased that you didn’t get genuine gems by taking cash from somebody, blessings are esteemed by goals, not cost.

Yug says thanks to her. Ranbir comes and meets them. Ishita asks where is Karan, I will take a quick trip and see him. Mrs. Bhalla says Karan ate with Ruhi, they are talking about a task.Raman asks Yug and Ranbir to accompany him. Raman says we shouldn’t postpone

furthermore, concede Naveen in recovery. Ranbir says for what reason did Vishal conceal this, he is our companion, we resemble a family. Yug says possibly he felt clumsy. Raman says no utilization of lamenting currently, don’t disregard him now. Ranbir says fine, I m heading off to his home.You can get this right here without cost

He sees some shirt in the capacity trunk and shows them. Raman says somebody has cut this shirt. Ranbir says he may have kept this to clean the bicycle. Raman says what’s this one glove, it has blood recolors on it, we can’t check it here. Yug says Vishal possibly in issue. Raman yells resoundingly, keep bicycle clean, stay in contact with me. He goes. Ranbir leaves. Munna looks on.

Aaliya does Yug’s aarti and tilak. Yug expresses gratitude toward Ishita and says you gave me a spot in your family. She says you merit this, you have made your place independent from anyone else. Ruhi says Karan is going to come us today. Yug says its right. Karan says I feel unwell, I would prefer not to go today.

Ruhi asks what happened abruptly. Ishita says let it be Ruhi. Karan holds Ruhi’s hand and says please… Ruhi says fine, fare thee well, call me in the event that you need assistance. Ruhi, Raman and Yug leave. Karan approaches would i be able to remain here for quite a while. Ishita says obviously, did you eat. He gestures. Ruhi says I got Karan’s message.You can get this right here without cost Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

Raman says sit in the vehicle and read, check the record, read the message. Ruhi understands, I needed to remain here to secure your family, we can’t trust Sahil. Raman says Karan would feel great doing this, I will leave from office, Yug keep it concealed, I trust everything goes on according to my arrangement. He drives off.

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